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Self Defence

Self Defence

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For years Ju Jitsu has been widely recognised as one of the most effective and practical methods of self defence and has been chosen by many over other martial arts because of this fact.

Ju Jitsu means gentle or compliant art and uses the idea of temporarily yielding to the force of the attacker in order to overcome them. If you use strength to counter against strength you will inevitably come up against a stronger attacker. Ju Jitsu focuses on technique rather than strength so that it can be used by anyone regardless of size, age, weight, strength or gender.

Ju Jitsu is primarily a self defence system so is more realistic in an attack than other sports that evolved from Japanese Ju Jitsu. Not just punching and kicking; many arts teach punching and kicking and not much else. In Ju Jitsu students are taught escapes and counters against realistic situations - headlocks, bear hugs, collar grabs, ground attacks, weapons and many more.



Rather than having just one type of self defence course it is important to tailor the course to suit the students needs. That is why we at Fermanagh Ju Jitsu can cater for a variety of different clients. Course length and content can be discussed and made to suit each individual or group.

Ladies/Girls Self Defence

Women are becoming more and more aware of the need to defend themselves from attack. Courses in self defence and personal awareness (including rape prevention) are frequently found to be an extremely useful tool by women of all ages from children and teenagers to adults and the elderly.


As an extension of the Fermanagh Ju Jitsu Schools Programme self defence courses are available for sixth form students in secondary schools (girls schools in particular). This is becoming an increasingly important course that schools can offer to young people who will soon be venturing out into a dangerous world.



Many people in different businesses often find themselves in hostile situations where they may find it necessary to defend themselves. Courses can be designed to suit the needs of different businesses and individuals.


Control and restraint/hostile environment training

Courses are available for security personnel, door staff or other individuals and groups/businesses who have to deal with confrontation and hostile situations as a part of their daily work life.

If you would like to take part in a self defence course or have a course organised for a particular group please contact us.

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