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Fermanagh Ju Jitsu

WJJF Ireland Japanese Ju Jitsu classes - self defence based training

Regular training session for junior and senior students with Fermanagh Ju Jitsu in Lisnaskea.

Ju Jitsu is a Japanese martial art and self defence system which uses a combination of strikes, blocks, holds, locks, chokes and throws to overcome an opponent. It is both a highly effective form of self defence and a healthy activity for people of all ages. It is primarily a self defence system rather than a combat sport but Fermanagh Ju Jitsu also gives students the opportunity to compete in grappling competitions and kata competitions (not compulsory).

Our training involves a mix of fitness, conditioning, practicing set technique drills and live training (different types of sparring - strikes, grappling and a mix of both)

Beginners are welcome but please note there is a waiting list to join the class as a junior. To put your child on the waiting list please visit the class or enquire via our contact page. We will need their name, date of birth and your mobile phone number. The junior class is for children from age 6+. At age 12 they can join the teens section in our senior class or stay in the junior class until age 16.


Our senior class is a mixed class with our adult students age 18+ and our teens section age 12+. There is no waiting list for this class so seniors can join at any time.

The World Ju Jitsu Federation (WJJF Ireland) Represents the culmination of over 40 years Ju Jitsu and general Martial Arts experience. That is, over four decades of study, development and refinement both in Ju Jitsu techniques and in the methods of teaching them. The WJJF is totally committed to the art of Ju Jitsu, to its technical development and to teaching the art to anyone willing to learn.

There are no exceptions to these commitments! From children and teenagers to elderly people and those with physical disabilities, Fermanagh Ju Jitsu opens its doors to all. Whether you are looking to improve your martial arts skills, seeking a truly effective self defence system or trying to increase your awareness and self confidence, Fermanagh Ju Jitsu can meet your needs.

As with all WJJF Ireland coaches the instructors in Fermanagh Ju Jitsu hold nationally recognised qualifications and use up to date, modern teaching methods. They are members of Northern Ireland Ju Jitsu Association (the governing body for Ju Jitsu in Northern Ireland), World Ju Jitsu Federation/World Ju Jitsu Kobudo Organisation worldwide. They are also trained in child protection and first aid.


The Senior Instructor at Fermanagh Ju Jitsu is Shihan Lyle Gawley 7th Dan (Senior Technical Officer WJJF Ireland): Lisnaskea, Fermanagh Ju Jitsu Schools Programme, Self Defence courses.

Ju Jitsu belts

Beginners start with a red belt and are tested for their white belt after at least 3 to 6 months. After this we hold formal gradings (belt test) every 6 months. This doesn't mean a student automatically grades every 6 months. Students only grade when they are ready and if they aren't they will have to wait until the next time.


Our belts are red, white, yellow, orange, green, blue & white, blue, purple, brown & white, brown, black (1st dan), 2nd dan, 3rd dan and so on. The minimum time between grades increases higher up through the belt system.

How do students get ready to grade?

This is simple - get onto the mats and train as often as possible!

Each belt has a syllabus comprised of self defence, striking,, throwing, grappling, kata and much more. To grade you must know everything in your syllabus to as good a standard as possible. You must also have attended the minimum number of training sessions (many students get in at least twice the minimum) and you must show a good attitude to training and towards your training partners. Once you have shown your instructor that you meet all these requirements you will have to show an external examiner who will put you through your paces at the grading.

It takes commitment and hard work to progress through the ranks in ju jitsu but it is worth it and nothing worth having comes too easy! We always see the people who have passed a grading and moved up a belt but behind that is those who haven't graded. Remember to take your time. It's not about grading every time - its about grading when you are ready. Don't compare your training to anyone else as even though we are on the same path, we are all moving at different speeds and like life it's about the journey (training) not the destination (belt).

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